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  • 1. The administrator shall be responsible for protecting, handling, and managing your e-mail address in an appropriate way.
  • 2. METRO shall receive your e-mail address only when you send inquiries via e-mail.
  • 3. Your e-mail address shall be kept by METRO after the response to your inquiry is sent and deleted as necessary.
  • 4. Your e-mail address shall not be used other than to reply to your inquiry.
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    • A. When you give your consent
    • B. When it is legally necessary
    • C. For other legitimate reasons
  • 6. We shall take appropriate measures to prevent your e-mail address from being leaked to outsiders without your consent due to unauthorized access.
  • 7. When requesting administration and management of your e-mail address to external contractors, we shall commission such operations after conducting thorough investigation of the contractors and signing a contract concerning protection of personal information.
  • 8. We shall delete your e-mail address stored by METRO when you request us to do so.
  • 9. We will continue to revise the policy in order to manage and protect our customers' e-mail addresses appropriately. Please be advised that we may change our methods of management and protection without prior notice to our customers.

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